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Employee Loyalty

Today’s technology-savvy world is helping people find work through online portals, and more people these days are becoming satisfied with finding work at home jobs. It’s becoming harder to keep employees inside corporate offices. According to a recent article, the loyalty that employees have for their employers is at an all-time low. In a recent article from Inc., seven ways for employers to gain loyalty from their employees were identified. The article does a great job at explaining these seven ways to keep employees, but we only have time to discuss a few of them here today.

Find A Way to Show Them You Care

Having a good relationship with your employees requires conscious effort like any other relationship. Employers who spend time thinking of new ways to delight their employees will have an easier time retaining loyal workers. The Inc. article commented about money not being the main reason that employees stay at a job. Sometimes there are better reasons to stay at a particular job besides doing it for the money. Some jobs are more satisfying than others, which is something the employer can help the employee find. Helping your employees find satisfaction in their work and sharing meaningful conversations with your employees might be enough to win over loyal admiration from them.

Other ways to bring loyalty to the hearts and minds of your employees is to introduce fun games to help people relax. You might try to make the games relate to their job. For example, if you’re running a sales department, you might have a contest to see who can say their pitch the fastest. The article mentioned using games to help your employees engage in playful activities. You can try to make the workplace a fun environment that invites creativity and conversation between employees. Encouraging your staff to talk to each other using their smartphones and other technology is another great way to get people to enjoy being at work.

One final suggestion for improving loyalty is to give recognition to each employee when he or she is fantastic.