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Trisha Ball

Pre-Arragement Specialist 

Trisha Ball is a Pre-Arrangement Specialist With A Passion for People and Decades of Experience 

Trisha Ball’s Education and Early Career

Trisha Ball attended Metropolitan State University in Minnesota where she completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in the year 2000. Gaining this knowledge of psychology has allowed her to transfer the skills she learned in her academic career to her professional career. Soon after graduating, Trisha began working in employee benefits. This field is a part of the human resources departments of many companies. Trisha’s first job was as a Benefits Administrator for Hammel, Green, and Abrahamson in Minneapolis. Some of her responsibilities included administering daily enrollments, changes, and terminations in regards to employee benefits. She was also responsible for conducting monthly audits to improve and maintain benefits billing accuracy.

After spending three years as a Benefits Administrator, Trisha Ball became a Benefits Analyst at Mercer Health and Benefits – Brokerage. She transitioned into a role which was more like an Account Manager. Trisha was responsible for accounts that included benefits for a group of people ranging anywhere from 400 to 4,000. Trisha Ball continued to expand her skill set and develop strong communication and management skills. As a Benefits Administrator, Trisha provided assistance and guidance to employers on HR related tasks such as claims resolution and annual renewals.

In this role, Trisha was responsible for creating a wellness program for a Minnesota based company that had multiple locations. She supplied them with an analysis of low-cost resources and coordinated with community resources to provide health screenings at the company’s locations. This project also required Trisha to work with marketing departments to create posters and brochures about the programs to be used at various corporate events. Trisha Ball became an expert with client communication and management of multiple projects all with different points of contact, including internal and external departments.


Trisha Ball’s Leadership Roles

Following gaining expertise in account management, Trisha Ball moved into a different role at a new company. Trisha became a Client Sales Consultant/Client Executive at Metlife in 2006. This role required Trisha to sell and service the accounts that included 500 to 13,000 lives and managed $25 million worth of business. She gained experience in a role that was responsible for various aspects of the employee benefits department.

Trisha continued to take on more responsibility in her work and became a Client Manager for Bearance Management Group. Her previous roles allowed her to work on very large accounts while this new role gave her the experience working on very small accounts with a range of 2 to 2,000 individuals. She engaged with customers to discuss renewal plans while providing information on plan performance to the client.

She soon moved to a different company to her current role of Employee Benefits Specialist in 2012. Trisha Ball became a specialist specifically in health insurance. She was the lead on the escalated employee medical plan for tasks such as claim issues, annual renewals, and employee communication. She also worked as part of a team to implement a biometric screening process to be part of a wellness plan.

Throughout her years in employee benefits, Trisha Ball has shown growth in leadership roles which have lead her to gain extensive experience in the industry. Some of her major areas of experience are as an Insurance Carrier, Brokerage Consulting Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Retail.

These experiences in employee benefits have exposed Trisha Ball to a wide variety of industries. Through this exposure, Trisha has acquired an extensive knowledge base pertaining to different healthcare plans and overall benefit plan design and administration. Given her multi-faceted background, Trisha was approached by Funeral Director’s Life to become a Prearrangement Specialist with Washburn-McReavy Funeral Chapels. In this role, Trisha helps families navigate the difficult but necessary task of planning for their funeral arrangements. Additionally, she has extensive experience in Veteran’s Memorial benefits as well as the steps of planning a healing and meaningful funeral. While some families find this topic difficult to discuss, she finds that each family feels a sense of relief after they have taken the step to plan for their funeral wishes in advance.

To glean further insight into the “why” behind what Trisha Ball does and the benefits of prearrangement planning, be sure to visit her blog page regularly.

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