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Employee Of The Month

If you’re considering taking a job that is offering you a range of benefits in addition to a salary, then you should be aware of the fact that some employee benefits aren’t actually beneficial at all. Some benefits offered by companies, especially those listed in job recruitment ads, are actually mere gimmicks if you investigate them more closely. While these gimmicky benefits might attract job applicants that aren’t actually paying attention, they usually end up lowering employee morale in the long term and eventually end up hurting the company that offered them.

The Top 4 Benefits That Are Not Beneficial At All

  1. Unlimited Vacation – Studies have shown that companies that offer their employees unlimited vacation time aren’t genuinely being honest about what they actually give you. Studies have been shown repeatedly that employees actually take less than average vacation time in companies that offer up unlimited vacation time.
  2. Wellness Programs – Companies that offer wellness benefits to their employees are quickly becoming the laughing stock of the corporate world. All of the recent studies about this supposed benefit have concluded that wellness programs offer employees absolutely nothing at all, as no one wants to spend their free time working out at the company gym or having a motivational talk with a work-sponsored wellness guru.
  3. Employee of the Month – Consider yourself blessed beyond words. You were not only offered a sub-par stale deli cake, thoroughly embarrassed in front of all of your coworkers, but you also had your photo hung on the wall. Employee of the month has been rated as a joke benefit that most employees would much prefer to do without.
  4. Ridiculous Titles – Referring to the company janitor as the “Head of Sanitary Maintenance” or “Bathroom Sanitation Expert” isn’t going to help them feel any better about their job or themselves. Silly overblown labels that no one takes seriously make a mockery of less than ideal job positions.

Avoid offering these lackluster so-called benefits and provide your employees with valuable and wanted benefits.