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Having a coffee shop in the lobby of a corporate building might sound like a dream, but it’s coming true for employees all around the globe. If there’s one thing that brings people together in the workplace, it’s having a hip location to frequent for a cup of coffee. This type of environment brings people together and builds a sense of community. However, how is different than the atmosphere created by a cafeteria? Cafeterias cause people to hurry up when they eat, but according to this article from Inc., having a trendy coffee shop in the workplace has been shown to help people enjoy their breaks.

New Discoveries Worth Mentioning

Inc. uncovered the latest news on research regarding workplaces that have tried using a coffee shop to stimulate productive activities among their employees. One of the most stunning tidbits in the article from Inc. involves Waxman’s Research. This research unveils the types of positive attributes that make coffee shops more appealing than cafeterias in the workplace. Coffee shops usually have pleasant smells, good lighting, clean work areas, comfortable places to sit, and a view of the world outside. Any company interested in making their break room more inviting should start by looking for ways in which they can improve these particular attributes.

The article discusses steps in which eager coffee loving companies might be able to transition into giving their employees a better place to enjoy a cup of coffee with each other. Employees are looking for better places than the tiny break rooms that some companies offer. It’s important for people to enjoy their places of work and not feel confined. Giving people a place to go to take a break is one of the more luxurious arrangements an employer can offer their employees. Furthermore, if an employee is trying to map out their time with a company, these types of perks go a long way towards keeping quality staff members around.