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Pet Insurance

Workers go to their jobs to be paid. Some employers add on extra benefits on top of your salary. These are things like your health insurance, life insurance, or possibly a yearly bus pass. To incentivize the best employees to come to their companies and stick with them over the years, many employers do offer more creative benefits to help improve your life. These perks can help you with taking care of your children, pets, or even your student loans. Some valuable employee benefits you may not know you have could be saving you thousands of dollars a year.

College Scholarship Program

These programs are for the children of employees. This is a benefit select employees will likely only use once but can be a huge relief for families.

Tuition Reimbursement

Your employer wants you to keep moving up and learning how to be better at your job. This benefit it to reimburse you for tuition for classes you might take that would make you a better employee at their company. This could be a few specialized classes or a master’s degree program.

Adoption Assistance

Yes, many employers will provide financial help through the adoption process. If you’re looking into adoption, make sure you check early on in the process, so you don’t leave this money on the table.

Tutoring And Online Homework Help For Your Children

Having easy access to a tutor can help your children so much. It’s unrealistic to have them rely on you for homework help all the time, especially with how the curriculum continues to change. Many employers will now help pay for this, which is a big load off the mind.

Assistance for Aging Parents

If you need to hire someone to help with your parents during the day or if you are paying for them to live in an assisted living facility, these are the kinds of things that some employer benefits packages will help you handle.

Pet Insurance

Maybe you haven’t thought of getting insurance for your pet, but if your employer helps cover it, that would be a different matter. Pet insurance can help you pay for vet bills down the line. Many employers will also let you bring your pet to work, which you won’t know until you ask.

Never feel guilty about using your employee benefits. These are just like your salary; only you don’t receive them unless you proactively use them. Make sure you’re not leaving money behind and read through your employee benefits package thoroughly.